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Get paid to shop!


FIND THE BEST DEALS FROM YOUR FAVORITE MERCHANTS AND earn cash for simply looking at their ads!

YOOTROO is a new app concept that is taking online shopping to a whole new level!
We bring you the best deals from thousands of merchants right to your phone,
while making your time spent shopping profitable for you as well $$$!

How it works

YOOTROO charges the
advertiser every time you view
their ad, and deposits money
in your wallet, right in the app,
right away!

Your don’t earn points.
You don’t accumulate credit.
Instead, you get instant cash!


You start by downloading the YOOTROO app
and creating a profile.

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You gain instant access to nearby offers.
You can also search for specific offers or browse by category.

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Once you select an ad, a counter starts and cash is automatically deposited in
your account just for viewing the ad, without having to make any purchase.

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App Features

YOOTROO has YOU as the top

Besides helping you shop and
earn cash, we added many
features to maximize your
experience and stay up to date
with offers from your favorite
brands and services.


Earn more cash by inviting others to download the app


Get notified about deals that you’re following


You can use earned cash towards in-app purchases


Sign up for Ringtone Advertising and don’t miss on flash deals

About logo

Since the dawn of advertising age, the main focus of advertisers has been to make profit by driving their products and services in front of consumers. YOOTROO comes in to disrupt this pattern in order to enhance it, making your time spent shopping profitable for you as well.

We have partnered up with world renown retailers to bring you the best offers and promotions around through our seamless app and will actually pay you to view these offers, no strings attached.

Yes, it is as simple as that!
It is now possible for retailers to earn your time on your own terms by putting cash in your pocket in order to get your attention.

YOOTROO offers all of this on a platform you can easily browse and personalize, aiming to make your daily life less hectic and filled with rewards while compensating you for your time spent browsing. Happy shopping with YOOTROO!

vikas jangid

Do you enjoy shopping on YOOTROO? Would you recommend it to a friend?*

vikas jangid

Do you enjoy shopping on YOOTROO? Would you recommend it to a friend?*

Rahil jain

Do you enjoy shopping on YOOTROO? Would you recommend it to a friend?*

rahil jain


Daniel Johnson

This app looks good and it is easy to use. There are also a fair amount of businesses in the app which allows me to get more money faster.

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